Plan for the Future

Prepare your Beneficiaries

Leave a Legacy

Preserving, protecting and preparing your wealth for generations to come.

The most important inheritance your beneficiaries can receive from you comes while you are still alive and has nothing to do with money. We provide a unique approach to the Management of Wealth, working with our fellow professionals to combine traditional Financial Planning and Estate Planning with Legacy Planning.

For centuries, Financial and Estate Planning have been the traditional two element approach for most families wishing to secure their wealth and yet the vast majority of family wealth has been lost by the end of the third generation. It was first recorded by Chinese scholars who wrote “Fu bu guo san dai” which translated means wealth never survives three generations.

Hereditas ®completes the Wealth Management process by combining traditional Financial and Estate Planning with Legacy Planning, thereby providing a clear strategy for preserving, protecting and preparing wealth for generations to come.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

Warren Buffet

Of course, it has always been important to preserve and protect wealth, but in this uncertain and rapidly evolving world, it is now absolutely vital that we fully prepare future generations to receive their inheritance. Only by doing this, will we be able to leave a true and meaningful legacy for the people who follow.

Hereditas ®was created and designed for anyone who wishes not only to leave a financial inheritance but also a meaningful and lasting legacy for generations to come.

Our Wealth for Life Partners are located throughout the UK and are ready and waiting to help you plan for the future of your wealth.